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Trebizon Collection — 5 Books (Collection)

Anne Digby

Boarding school stories for children aged 9 and over, set in Cornwall, The Trebizon books will appeal to any children who enjoy Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers series.

These five stories have been written by Anne Digby, the author of the seven follow-ups to Enid Blyton’s Naughtiest Girl books and follow new girl Rebecca Mason as she arrives for her first day at the famous boarding school, Trebizon.

Anxious to prove herself, Rebecca writes an article for the school magazine but it unexpectedly triggers a row and half the school turns against her. But it turns out she does have friends after all — and they’re happy to look out for her. She has to deal with warring friends; competes in a sponsored surfing competition; has to understand why her friend Mara is being accompanied by a bodyguard; and tries to gain a place in the county’s junior tennis squad.

Titles in this collection (5)

  • First Term at Trebizon
  • Second Term at Trebizon
  • Summer Term at Trebizon
  • Boy Trouble at Trebizon
  • More Trouble at Trebizon


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